Looking After Your Wellbeing Online

Image of Anna Bateman
Anna Bateman Mental health expert and former DfE adviser

This free online safety guide has tips for looking after children’s wellbeing when they’re online – including going tech free before bed, avoiding comparisons with others and pausing before they post.

A free online safety guide on looking after your wellbeing online.

The online world and digital technology has become such a significant part of our lives – and integral to so many aspects of our daily routine – that we shouldn’t be surprised at the degree of influence it can wield over what we think and how we feel. Many experiences that young people have on the internet are hugely positive and uplifting … but sadly, that’s not always the case.

Negative incidents online – such as disagreements with other users, stumbling across upsetting content or feeling left out by friends – can be intensely damaging to a child’s emotional state. Our #WakeUpWednesday poster has some useful tips for young people and trusted adults on how even small, simple actions can help to protect our wellbeing when we’re on the internet.