12 Top Tips for Using Generative AI in the Classroom

Image of Darren Coxon
Darren Coxon AI education specialist

This free online safety guide explores the new technology of generative AI and provides you with advice for incorporating it into your classroom.

It’s no secret that generative AI technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, with new and exciting advancements emerging faster than most can keep track of. With the rapid rise of programmes such as ChatGPT and the heightened prevalence of AI in various industries, it can all feel a little overwhelming; but what benefits can generative AI bring to the education sector – and more specifically, your role in the classroom?

With so many potential applications for generative AI, it should come as no surprise that these programmes have demonstrated genuine value to educators when putting together content for a scheme of work or lesson plan. Our #WakeUpWednesday online safety guide takes a deep dive into the world of generative AI and provides you with some top tips for making use of it in your classroom.