Image of Salusbury Primary School

Case Study:
Salusbury Primary School

When asked for her biggest takeaway from our School Membership, Yasmin Hussain, Assistant Headteacher at Salusbury Primary School, stated that she considered The National College a “one-stop shop for CPD”.

Yasmin Hussain knows the value of high-quality CPD and spoke in great detail about how The National College has been able to provide this to the whole school workforce.

The importance of CPD

For Salubsury Primary School, CPD is a significant focus for the whole school workforce. Yasmin explained: "We're trying to promote the building of knowledge, encouraging staff to develop their teaching techniques."

"We talk about revisiting previous learning with children, but I think it's equally important for the adults." she added.

 "It’s about goal setting, considering where you would like to get to and making the CPD purposeful."

Choosing The National College

"We had a wish-list of what we were looking for in a CPD provider," Yasmin continued.

"School Membership offered high-quality, bespoke CPD for the whole school workforce. It comes from a trusted source and is evidence based."

"We needed flexibility, having remote access was really important," Yasmin explained. “For example, at the start of the spring term, we gave staff the opportunity to have remote access to the INSET day CPD after the holidays. All the staff were able to access that in plenty of time and complete their training remotely."

"I add everything to my watchlist and have that flexibility of dipping in and out when it's convenient for me. You might not have a whole hour available, but with The National College, we have the opportunity to pick up where you left off."

Embarking on a learning journey

Yasmin added that The National College provides bespoke staff development, with individuals able to utilise our webinar and course programmes to fit their needs.

She said: "What is really useful about The National College, is the opportunity for further choice and exploring your own individual interests."

"For example, if you need to do safeguarding training for the whole school, it ticks that box."

Yasmin continued: “If a staff member is a specialist in safeguarding and wants to delve further into that area, there are opportunities for them to have access to more bespoke CPD, that may be applicable to them but not everyone else needs to complete that."

"It's there for everybody, but it's there for individuals too." she said.

"I lead on Pupil Premium, and you have some really great content around that. Similarly, with catch up, there are some fantastic resources available in that area too."

Ease of use for the whole school workforce

The ability to easily monitor staff progression through our state-of-the-art online learning hub was an important feature for Salusbury Primary School, too.

Yasmin said: "What's really good is that we can track and monitor who has completed the CPD and who hasn't."

"That's a facility that we did not have access to with other platforms in the past. That was really important to us."

"You just ticked all the boxes for us. It gave us that flexibility and the broad range of CPD." she said.

"It was a one-stop-shop for CPD. It has everything that you need for the whole school workforce." she concluded.