The Welsh Curriculum: An EXCLUSIVE Review with Prof Graham Donaldson

Image of Graham HC Donaldson
Graham HC Donaldson Education consultant and government adviser
Webinar 53min

This webinar explores the key features of the new Welsh curriculum, providing invaluable expert insight and advice into how schools can achieve success and realise the opportunities wider educational reform can present.

CPD Certified

 This webinar, for senior leaders, governors and teachers is an absolute must for schools in Wales keen to stay one-step ahead in advance of the new Welsh curriculums' publishing.

Following his review in 2014 at the request of the Welsh government, the new Welsh curriculum is largely based on the recommendations made by Prof Donaldson,  the former head of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education.

In this webinar, Prof Graham Donaldson himself, author of the Successful Futures report, provides expert insight and advice into the new school curriculum for Wales. Including content unavailable elsewhere. The man primarily responsible for shaping the Welsh curriculum shares invaluable insider knowledge to help leaders ensure the future success of their school.