Social Media & Violence: Preventative Strategies for School Leaders

Image of Craig Pinkney
Craig Pinkney Criminologist, urban youth specialist and lecturer
Webinar 53min

In this webinar Craig Pinkney will be highlighting the extent of social media violence looking at some origins and forms of violence as well as its contributors on social media platforms.

CPD Certified

In this webinar Craig Pinkney, Criminologist and one of the UK’s leading thinkers/doers in responding to Serious Youth Violence, will be highlighting the extent of social media violence looking at some origins and forms of violence as well as its contributors on social media platforms. Moreover, Craig will focus on the roles and responsibilities of teachers and pastoral teams and explore various preventative strategies which schools and educational establishments can implement in their setting(s).

Following Britain’s most senior police officer, Cressida Dick, placing blame for the soaring rate of violent crime among children and young people on social media; our latest webinar aims to equip school and college leaders with the knowledge, practical advice and guidance on how to respond to this growing issue within their educational setting and local communities.

Gangs are actively using social media channels to share videos that provoke rivals, recruit members and promote violence. The online aggression can quickly translate into real outbreaks of violence where young people intentionally or unintentionally become active in various criminal activities.

Many youth and social workers, teachers and parents admit that they do not fully understand the dark side of the social media platforms, and are not ready to respond to its dangers. It is vital for schools and parents to understand how young people can be criminalised or become victims of the social media criminal world so that they can be protected and stay safe on-line and off-line. At the same time, it is important not to ‘demonise’ social media but to be ready to provide an appropriate and adequate response.