Reception Baseline Assessment: Guidance on Quality Monitoring Visits

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Ian Noone Highly experienced education consultant
Webinar 23min

This webinar will provide all school leaders, staff and governors with a walkthrough of the reforms to teacher development being introduced by the DfE at every stage of their career.

CPD Certified

This webinar will provide governors, headteachers, senior leaders and teaching staff with a walkthrough of how quality monitoring visits (QMVs) will work for the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA), which will become statutory from September 2021.

On 23 June 2021, the Standards and Testing Agency published their ‘Reception baseline assessment: quality monitoring visit guidance’ to provide information on how QMVs will be conducted and to help ensure that all staff administering the assessment have had access to the training materials and guidance, that the assessments are administered correctly and consistently, and that the resource pack and access to the online system are handled securely.

This webinar will run through the guidance document covering information on what schools should expect prior to, during and after the visit, what is expected of quality monitors and how the quality monitoring visit form should be completed.