Online Safety News Roundup | December 2023

Image of Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner Senior online safety consultant
Webinar 30min

Monthly roundup of online safety news and updates. Keeping all staff compliant with the latest statutory guidance.

DfE guidance ‘Keeping children safe in education’ recommends that all staff stay up-to-date with recent developments and emerging risks in the digital world to ensure compliance with statutory government guidance on online safety in schools.

Our dedicated team are constantly monitoring a wide range of sources to ensure we keep you informed. This webinar is designed to give you an overview of current online safety news and updates from the past month.

Please note: the stories in this newsletter have largely been compiled using UK media sources and (while many of them are globally relevant) therefore tend to focus on the online safety issues and concerns of British users. Any advice given or implied is aligned to online safeguarding guidance issued by the UK Government. We advise overseas users to check the exact legislation and the guidance of governing bodies in their local territory with respect to the use of apps, games and devices.