Information Operations

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The internet is a battleground of opinions - many of them genuine and heartfelt, but some placed there deliberately to make financial or political capital. Quickly find out what you need to know about the organised world of information operations in this short explainer video.

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What are information operations?

Information operations, often labelled as ‘disinformation campaigns’, are organised attempts by nation states, organisations, and sometimes individuals to mislead or confuse populations in their own or foreign countries for political or commercial gain. One appeal of disinformation is that, unlike overt propaganda, it is much harder to detect while the anonymity of the internet makes it difficult to trace to its untrustworthy source. Often, disinformation distorts rather than invents facts, a feature that makes it more difficult to counter.

For more information on the associated risks and online safety tips for parents and carers, watch our explainer video, available to those with a National Online Safety membership.