Remote Education: Teaching Well-Structured and Engaging Lessons

Image of Chris McShane
Chris McShane Headteacher with Focus Learning Trust
Webinar 53min

This webinar will provide headteachers, subject leads, curriculum leads and all teaching staff with practical advice and guidance on how to deliver well-structured, effective and engaging remote lessons.

CPD Certified

For: Headteachers, subject leads, curriculum leads, teachers and practitioners 

Aim: This webinar will provide you with practical advice and guidance on developing well-structured, effective and engaging remote lessons that continue to deliver curriculum expectations, high-quality teaching and improve learning outcomes.

Rationale: As the UK moves towards a second lockdown period, there is an expectation that schools will have strong contingency plans in place for remote education, should individuals or groups of pupils need to self-isolate. The DfE expects schools to teach remote education in line with their ‘Guidance for full opening: schools’, and consider how they can improve the quality of their existing curriculum and deliver remote lessons that account for pupils’ age, stage of development or special educational needs.