Creative Commons Licensing

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Some content creators are happy for other people to use their work - but only under specific conditions. Creative commons licenses can be a knotty issue, but our explainer video will help you start to untangle all the red tape.

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What is Creative Commons Licensing?

Creative Commons (CC) licensing refers to a public copyright license that enables the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted piece of work. For example, a CC license is used when a creator - such as an author, photographer, or artist - wants to give other people the right to share and use work that they have created. There are six different types of CC license in total - some require that credit be given to the creator for example, while others specify that the content can only be used for non-commercial projects.

For more information on the associated risks and online safety tips for parents and carers, watch our explainer video, available to those with a National Online Safety membership.