Best Evidence in Brief - December 2019

Image of Jonathan Haslam
Jonathan Haslam Editor of Best Evidence in Brief
Webinar 10min

In partnership with the Institute for Effective Education (IEE) Every month The National College provide the Institute for Effective Education’s ‘Best Evidence in Brief’ roundup in video format; focusing on stories with practical implications for schools and policy makers, including only high quality research from around the world.

CPD Certified

Webinar Runtime: 10 Minutes

Research covered in this video:

The effects of a principal professional development program focused on instructional leadership (October 2019), Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education

Effects of reward pedagogy on spelling scores and prosocial behaviors in primary school students in Singapore (October 2019), Journal of Educational Psychology

Digital feedback in primary maths (September 2019), Education Endowment Foundation

Teacher-rated school readiness items in a kindergarten sample: Outcomes in first grade (August 2019), School Psychology

The effect of linguistic comprehension instruction on generalized language and reading comprehension skills: A systematic review. Campbell Systematic Reviews (2019)

Best Evidence in Brief