An Introduction to Online Gaming

Image of Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass Advocate of protecting children on the internet
Webinar 3min

Playing video games online is a massively popular pastime, with hundreds of millions of young devotees right across the world. In this bite-size video, presented by Myleene Klass, we'll help you to 'level up' your knowledge of online gaming.

CPD Certified

Online gaming is simply the playing of a video game over the internet, usually with friends. Online games can be played on any number of devices from dedicated video games consoles such as PlayStations, Xboxes, and Nintendo Switches, to PCs, laptops and mobile phones.

Online gaming provides many benefits. Unfortunately, it also comes with some risks. As well as developing gaming disorder, the ability to play and chat online with others around the world can leave children and young people open to scamming, grooming and online bullying. Loot boxes and skin betting have also received widespread attention for encouraging similar behaviour associated with gambling.

For these reasons, it’s important that trusted adults educate themselves around what online gaming is and how they can ensure children and young people play safely.

This webinar is presented by broadcaster and online safety advocate Myleene Klass. Its content has been developed in collaboration with our expert Heather Cardwell, a practising online safety lead who is CE-OP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) trained.