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FASD Network UK

FASD Network is an organisation that specialises in providing information, support, and training on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). It was founded in 2011, with a particular focus on Northern regions of the UK. They provide bespoke training for organisations requiring further knowledge about FASD and how to support individuals and families more effectively. Training is regularly delivered to foster carers, adopters, kinship carers, birth families, social workers, alcohol professionals, midwives, health visitors, early years workers, teachers, police, policy makers, paediatricians and broader health agencies. They provide support groups for families who are raising children with FASD on a termly basis. 

They support strategic development by working with a range of partners to examine structural service deficits in the UK and advocate for change. Inter-disciplinary networks facilitate the ongoing development of strategic objectives to address this public health concern and improve outcomes for people affected by FASD. They also conduct our own research and work with multi-agency partners to develop research opportunities which will address knowledge gaps and promote funding of services that are absent.