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Connect2Care are industry experts delivering award-winning vocational training to develop outstanding employees, helping employers to create a safe, caring, effective, and well-led environment. They believe that trained, competent staff are a valuable asset, leading to improved efficiency, better customer experience, and reduced staff turnover. 

Their aims are to increase learners’ skills to improve their earning capacity; make businesses more efficient by developing a highly skilled and more productive workforce. Connect2Care encourage businesses to minimise their impact on the environment, treat and pay their staff well, and reward their shareholders. They believe that increasing learners’ skills can create a more productive workforce and improve earning capacity. They focus on ‘people, planet, and profit’. 

Their early years specific training allows nurseries to develop talent and retain employees, fill gaps and boost recruitment, and train teams to improve compliance. Connect2Care recognise early years apprenticeships are not just about training individuals; they are about investing in the future of early childhood education. They want to ensure that children have the best outcomes, the best care, and the best opportunities in life and they strive for this when overseeing the apprenticeship programme. 

As an apprenticeship provider, Connect2Care are constantly looking for ways to support the sector and work collaboratively with others to improve outcomes for educational settings and children.