What Parents & Educators Need to Know About Tekken 8

Image of Lloyd Coombes
Lloyd Coombes Gaming and technology writer

This free information guide assesses the latest edition of the popular fighting game series Tekken, highlighting potential online safety risks to younger players.

Since they were first played in arcades on oversized machines, fighting games have found their way not only into our homes via consoles and PCs, but also – in the case of franchises like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat – into the pop culture elite, with merchandise and movie adaptations. The most recent entrant to the arena is Tekken 8, which recently launched to critical acclaim.

With a cast of colourful combatants, Tekken offers an adrenalin hit of fast-paced fisticuffs and slick presentation. As with any fighting game, however, Tekken’s competitive nature and focus on violence may not be ideal for the younger element of its user-base. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has some top tips for allowing fans of virtual martial arts to enjoy the action more safely.