10 Top Tips for Helping Children Stay Safe Online this Summer

Image of Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson Cyber security advocate and director of IT

This free online safety guide suggests some useful ways to help children stay safe online this summer, including updating their device software and utilising built-in parental controls.

Some children might have launched into the summer holidays by getting outdoors to make the most of the occasional sunny interval – or by roaring on the Lionesses and Ireland at the World Cup. Many youngsters, however, are just as likely to have spent much of their school-free time so far swiping on Snapchat, transfixed by TikTok or preoccupied with their PlayStation.

Most parents and carers notice a sharp increase in their child’s amount screen time in the holidays. That’s to be expected to an extent – but, naturally, if young people are spending more time online, it’s essential to know they’re equipped to avoid the dangers of the digital world. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has some simple tips for helping them stay safe over the summer.