What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Sharing Photos Online

Image of Gabriella Russo
Gabriella Russo Independent safeguarding trainer and consultant

This free online safety guide explores sharing photos on social media – and what we should consider in avoiding possible harm.

One of the more heartwarming, life-affirming aspects of social media is being able to share special moments in our children’s lives with family and friends: from the first day at school or blowing out birthday cake candles to smiling holiday selfies and cute Hallowe’en costumes. Is there, however, such a thing as too much sharing – and can it actually put children in danger? 

With potential risks such as accidentally displaying identifying details (images showing where a child lives or what school they go to, for example) and photos being seen and saved by strangers, perhaps we need to take a little more caution over what we post and where we post it. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide runs through some safety considerations when sharing images.