What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Rumble

Image of Lloyd Coombes
Lloyd Coombes Gaming and technology writer

This free online safety guide profiles Rumble, a video-sharing platform which features some outspoken influencers and, frequently, uncompromising political views.

A free online safety guide on Rumble.

Conceived as giving independent content creators equal representation in the online space, Rumble has found something of a niche in restoring a voice to influencers who have been blocked from similar platforms. It’s become particularly renowned as a forum for political debate, with some prominent account holders’ choice of subject matter attracting a degree of notoriety.

Indeed, a study by the USA’s Pew Research Centre found that the platform’s most popular topics included gun laws, the January 2021 Capitol riots and Covid vaccines. Many parents and carers may feel that these sensitive topics – when addressed in a less-than-sensitive manner – aren’t suitable for young users. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide attempts to get a feel for Rumble.