10 Ways You Can Use Rosenshine's Principles to Improve Classroom Practice

Image of Claire Grimes
Claire Grimes Assistant headteacher, teaching & learning lead and author

This free information guide has easy-to-follow advice on how educators can apply Rosenshine’s principles in the classroom to improve outcomes.

As teachers’ instincts naturally lead them seek out innovative ways to improve outcomes for their students, Barak Rosenshine’s principles of instruction have received an increased level of attention in recent years. Some educators, however, can feel slightly daunted by the Rosenshine model and are uncertain how to start applying the theory in the real world of the classroom.

Our information guide explains, however, that – since many of Rosenshine’s suggestions take a distinctly common-sense tack – teachers are often already following the majority of these principles in their work every day. Read our tips to see how the connections between these principles could help you to approach your teaching in a more evidence-informed way.