Top Tips for Nurseries on Potty Training

Image of Sue Asquith
Sue Asquith International early childhood consultant

This free information guide gives early years practitioners some expert guidance on supporting little ones in their progress from nappies to potties and toilets.

A significant landmark in everyone’s development, potty training can be a lengthy process – and often a stressful one for the children themselves, for parents and for childcare practitioners. There are simply so many variables to consider, and little ones react to the change in so many different ways, that it’s often difficult to know how to approach it most effectively.

Although, in most cases, simply giving a child time to adjust at their own pace is part of the strategy, there are nevertheless certain actions that practitioners can take to help make the journey less of a fraught one. Our guide has top tips on paving the way for the transition, involving parents and supporting children through this pivotal phase.