What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Money Muling

Image of Ross Savage
Ross Savage Experienced financial crime compliance trainer and consultant

This free online safety guide profiles money muling, and highlights ways that trusted adults can help prevent young people to avoid being drawn into this illegal activity.

A free online safety guide on money muling.

Criminal organisations digitally ‘launder’ the illegal profits of their operations (including scams and drug deals) by moving funds through innocent-looking accounts, which makes it harder for the police to track. To achieve this, they often recruit young people – money mules – who are trusting enough to be taken in by their advances and simply see an easy way to make some cash.

These impressionable youngsters are sometimes approached to take part in person – but more commonly it happens through social media, where the criminals use euphemistic titles like ‘money transfer agencies’. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide takes a look at this emerging online hazard, highlighting how trusted adults can help to protect young people from money muling.