10 Top Tips for Parents and Educators: Introducing Maths to Daily Routine

Image of Kara Kiernan
Kara Kiernan Senior leader, trainer, and education consultant

This free guide has expert tips for introducing maths concepts to young children, which can prove to be a significant advantage once they start school.

Given how integral it is to everyday life, it’s no surprise that maths plays a key role in children's development: natural curiosity helps young ones to notice differences in the number and shape of objects, for example. Mathematical concepts like these aid children in making sense of the world around them, interpreting situations and beginning to solve problems.

Gaining a sound grasp of maths in the early years is highly advantageous – and research consistently associates this understanding with greater academic achievement once children have started school. Our guide has some expert tips on how practitioners, parents and carers can introduce pre-schoolers to maths in fun, engaging ways.