What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Fortnite Chapter 4

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Lloyd Coombes Gaming and technology writer

This free online safety guide profiles the latest version of smash-hit battle royale game Fortnite. It highlights possible risks to young players including compulsive playing, audio chat with other gamers and in-game spending.

A free online safety guide on Fortnite. 

If you know any young gamers, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with Fortnite. It’s one of the most popular video games on the planet – up alongside other mega-hits like Minecraft, Roblox and Call of Duty in terms of its sheer number of fiercely dedicated players. Fortnite currently has more than 400 million devotees worldwide – around 25 million of whom play it every day. 

Given Fortnite’s relatively young user-base, though (as many as one in four pre-teens are reported to have played the game, despite its PEGI 12 age rating), it’s prudent not to conflate immense popularity with absolute safety. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide assesses the latest version for potential pitfalls that parents and carers of young Fortnite fans should be aware of.

In the guide you'll find a number of potential risks such as compulsive playing, audio chat with other gamers and in-game spending.

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