10 Top Tips for Nurseries on Supporting Children with Anxiety during the Festive Season


Our free information guide has some top tips for early practitioners to help support young ones with anxiety through the excitement and potential upheaval of the holiday period.

The festive period, of course, brings excitement, joy and wonder – but, as most adults will attest, it also comes with a liberal dose of added stress. For children who struggle with anxiety, this can be hugely unsettling: their normal routine largely disappears; decorations and crowds can make familiar spaces seem odd and overwhelming; and things happen with little or no prior notice. 

Both nursery practitioners and parents, however, can proactively cushion the impact of this sudden change. From creating dedicated quiet areas and getting out in the crisp winter air to more straightforward suggestions like planning ahead or simply listening to children’s concerns, our guide has some top tips to enable everyone to enjoy the season equally.