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Victoria Franklin

Victoria Franklin is an attendance management and improvement consultant working across all phases of education with a remit to raise whole school attendance. 

Victoria qualified from Bristol University as a social worker with a focus on education and has over 30 years’ of working in education settings including local authorities, multi-academy trusts, and schools. She has developed systems and procedures to help organisations become more effective in the management of attendance levels including holding LA-wide specialist responsibility for school attendance improvement and data analysis. Her strategies around attendance and absence coding have been proven to help schools understand and analyse the impact of coding decisions on attendance. Victoria is also a consultant with the Department for Education Attendance Advisor programme. 

Victoria is a freelance trainer who produces and delivers highly successful national training events for several training companies on attendance-related matters and consistently achieves outstanding evaluations. Victoria is a past president of NASWE, a professional association promoting the welfare and school attendance of children since 1884. Victoria contributes to the INSA website as one of the UK representatives and took part as a presenter at the inaugural conference in Oslo in October 2019.