Image of Tricia Wellings

Tricia Wellings

Tricia Wellings is an experienced early years expert, known within the industry for the support and training she has provided over the last 24 years. Tricia has a ‘hands on’ specialist knowledge, and is recognised for her prowess with finance and funding in the industry, having achieved a £2 million business that includes six “Bright Kids” day nurseries. 

Tricia’s knowledge and expertise enables her to put herself in the shoes of other nursery owners and businesses, and she appreciates their needs and constraints in delivering their service. Tricia understands the nuances of the childcare industry, from staffing levels, safeguarding, employment law, the EYFS, Ofsted and through to managing the finances. 

Tricia’s passion to help others has meant she has developed a library of training and education materials, as well as the policies and procedures necessary to run a successful day nursery. Tricia delivers these and other consultative services through the more recently established MBK Group.