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Suneta Bagri

Suneta Bagri is an educator, coach, public speaker and consultant with over twenty years’ experience as a headteacher and teacher. She helps teachers and senior leaders in education gain clarity and focus, build confidence and take control of their wellbeing, so they can start (or continue) living a fulfilled life, regardless of how busy and overwhelmed they are, offering specialised programmes and training which enhance personal and professional performance.

Alongside running her award-winning business Cultivate Coaching & Consultancy and The Every Teacher Matters Project, she actively contributes to and campaigns for teacher retention. She is passionate about teacher training and works as a part-time Teaching Fellow and Lecturer at Birmingham City University. She is an Associate Partner at the Teach Well Alliance, Associate Coach at Leadership Edge and Associate Consultant at Education Support (the only UK charity dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of education staff in education).

She is a certified Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, First Aid for Mental Health Instructor, Mindfulness Teacher, Health Champion and a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching.

Suneta firmly believes that when teachers take care of their own needs, they can be genuinely effective in the classroom. As a busy working mother of three, she fully appreciates the pressure teachers are under to find that work-life balance. Her coaching sessions and training cover both personal and professional development, dealing with issues such as anxiety, stress, self-doubt and imposter syndrome.