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Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones has over 25 years’ experience as a teacher, SENCO, senior leader, advisory teacher, and SEND lecturer, working in both mainstream and special school settings. She challenges, guides, and supports primary and secondary schools, using her leadership skills to drive change and improvement to ensure the best outcomes for all children. 

Her interest in developmental dyscalculia began when she attended a dyscalculia conference and discovered that professional development courses on the subject were lacking in comparison with other types of neurodiversity. She went on to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Dyscalculia Research and Practice, which allowed her to develop her understanding of the impact of dyscalculia in both the classroom and everyday life, and its co-occurrence with other specific learning difficulties and maths anxiety. 

Sarah’s poem about the impact of dyscalculia from a learner’s perspective reached over one million views on Dyscalculia Network’s social media. She is a dedicated, passionate advocate for the dyscalculia community and wants to ensure every teacher has a clear understanding of the profound effect that dyscalculia can have on the lives and life chances of those who experience it first-hand.