Image of Samuel Kabir Morgan

Samuel Kabir Morgan

Sam is an alumnus member of the University of Greenwich and East Anglia University in the United Kingdom. As an Erasmus Scholar, he was enrolled by the University of Linköping in Sweden for completion of his postgraduate studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Utrecht University in the Netherlands. 

Sam has spent the last two decades hands-on in the classroom, teaching children from diverse backgrounds in UK and overseas. He has held a variety of school responsibilities, teaching a wide range of disciplines in humanities and social sciences following British curriculum in UK and overseas. He has experience of different educational systems and is committed to social justice and development of human capabilities through equitable and inclusive education. As an examiner for a UK exam board and an assessor for an international curriculum organisation, Sam has gained recognition from the JCQ for high-stake assessments for advanced general certificate of education in subject areas; he is also a qualified international education professional development facilitator operating from the heart of Asia. 

With experience and expertise in international education, Sam has developed a full programme of delivery for the Diploma in Education and Training Level 5 (RQF) with support and accessibility for bilingual teachers in international schools, providing them with the opportunity to meet UK’s Teachers’ Standards. He is a consultant in China for Assessment-only-Route Qualified Teacher Status and an International PGCE tutor in reserve for an international provider. Building on his design and development of face-to-face training workshops, live webinars and presentation at conferences, Sam is a keynote speaker in international schools on a variety of topics for teachers’ continuing professional development, holding the belief that excellent students’ educational outcomes depend on high quality servant leadership that values practitioners’ professional growth and personal wellbeing. 

Sam’s current projects include developing partnerships and cooperation programmes between British educational institutions and their counterparts in East and South East Asian countries.