Image of Sam Starsmore

Sam Starsmore

Sam Starsmore is the Programme Lead for Education at Ygam, where his role is crucial in developing and leading educational initiatives designed to mitigate gambling-related harm among young people. His career in this field is fuelled by his personal journey overcoming gambling harm, which provides him with a unique and empathetic insight that he brings to his professional endeavours.

Sam has extensive experience in the gambling harm prevention sector. He has been at the forefront of Ygam’s education programme for the last 4 years, ensuring resources and programmes support teachers and other professionals to safeguard the children and young people in their care.

Sam is also a skilled facilitator and trainer, known for his engaging workshops that empower educators to identify and address signs of gambling harm. Dedicated to the cause, Sam is often invited as a speaker at national conferences where he shares his knowledge of gambling harm prevention initiatives. His contributions to the field are driven by a commitment to change lives through education, backed by his personal understanding of the challenges posed by gambling addiction.