Image of Dr Russell Arnott

Dr Russell Arnott

Dr Russell Arnott is a marine biologist who has a passion for education and in particular, teaching others about the importance of our ocean and the role it plays in regulating our climate. As well as being an active member of Extinction Rebellion’s XR Scientists, Russell has also campaigned and is active in getting ocean education more prominently into the National Curriculum. He is a founder member of the EU4Ocean collective and has served on the board of directors for the European Marine Science Educators’ Association. 

Drawing upon his past teaching experience, Russell also makes regular videos for the Incredible Oceans YouTube channel, combining current marine science with the national curriculum to engage pupils of all ages about the ocean while supporting teachers and parents. 

Having obtained his PhD in marine biology from the University of Bath, Russell’s specialism is in plankton; microscopic organisms that inhabit the world’s waterways. Prior to this, he obtained a first-class Masters degree in Oceanography from University of Southampton and worked as a commercial oceanographer for a number of years. His research has taken him all over the world from the Southern Ocean with the British Antarctic Survey up to the Gulf of Bothnia in Northern Sweden. He has presented at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton among others. 

Russell is also passionate about plants and how they impact almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Currently, Russell is working at Cambridge University’s Sainsbury Laboratory focussing on engaging the public and youth in the wonders of plant science. 

As a Marine Biologist, Russell has presented across the world and made live appearances on Sky News, Deep Ocean Live, the Channel 5 Saturday Show, and EuroNews, as well being the physics presenter for Stunt Science. He has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Natural Histories speaking about his favourite animal (the octopus) and has presented alongside speakers as varied as Russell Brand and Jim Al-Khalili. He is also a regular at science and music festivals across Europe. 

Having worked as a science consultant on a number of books, Russell recently debuted his inaugural publication, Ocean Endangered (co-authored with whale expert Celine Van Weelden and with a foreword by marine biologist Maya Plass). The book combines up-to-date marine science with a balanced look at the state of our ocean, empowering the reader to take action for a better planet. Ocean Endangered combines lush photography with robust science.