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Melissa Morgenlander

Melissa Morgenlander is a professor, curriculum designer, researcher, and writer who is passionate about leveraging the power of television, games, video, and mobile technology for children's intellectual and social development. She is an Adjunct Professor at Brooklyn College, where she teaches a course on Children and Media for the Children & Youth Studies program. Her son has autism, and has given her great insight into the important role that the iPad has for children with ASD. She writes about the intersection of autism spectrum disorders and technology on her blog, the iQ Journals.

With a PhD in Cognitive Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University, Melissa always takes a user’s perspective in curriculum design and research. Her specialties include special education and tablets, parent-child co-viewing, early childhood education, and math learning.

Melissa serves as an educational consultant to a variety of educational television shows, apps, after-school programs and educational start-ups. She is proud to have served as a Research Fellow at Sesame Workshop, which inspired her dissertation about co-viewing from Sesame Street.

In addition to her doctorate, Melissa holds an MA from NYU in Educational Communication and Technology and a BA from Vassar College.