Image of Matt Bawler

Matt Bawler

A teacher of 20 years, Matt Bawler has extensive experience of teaching across all key stages, with a specialism in early years. Currently working as a head of early years and development lead for a school in South London, Matt teaches full time as well as overseeing wellbeing and mental health for staff and pupils across the school. Matt also runs external training for teachers, senior leaders and parents in London boroughs and beyond. 

Matt’s biggest passion is helping children to develop strong foundations in positive mental health, wellbeing and growth mindset from early years upwards. This is not just to provide children with the necessary tools to survive when life’s challenges come along, but to empower them with skills to thrive well beyond that. Matt’s current focus is on further supporting teachers and schools to understand the importance and long-term impact of wellbeing and growth mindset education (and to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to implement this).