Image of Louise Mercieca

Louise Mercieca

Louise believes that to feed a child is a wonderful thing but to fully understand the impact that food has on early childhood development is truly empowering. She bases her work on the knowledge that food doesn’t just fill us up, it shapes our every movement, action, and emotion. She currently works as a consultant to nurseries and catering providers on menu development, along with delivering staff training on nutrition and child development. 

Since 2018, she has focused specifically on early years, having worked as a nutritional therapist prior to this. Louise makes nutrition education accessible and reflective of the real impact that food has on child development, along with our own physical and mental health. Louise makes biology fun and, ultimately, this helps to shape the health of a generation.

Louise feels the best way to help to shape the health of the next generation is via education. Education enables empowerment, as understanding is the key to being as in control as you can be of your own nutrition.