Image of Louise Day

Louise Day

Louise has worked in a variety of roles with young children from supporting local settings and practitioners to managing her families large day nursery alongside her parents and sister, Louise is passionate about early learning and encouraging young children to thrive whilst building skills such as resiliance, independence and perserverance.

Coming from a military family, Louise has been fortunate to travel widely and therefore experience all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures and languages. This has also sparked a keen interest in language learning, acquisition and ensuring early years is as inclusive as possible.

With over seventeen years experience and expertise, as well as a Masters degree in Early Years Education, she is keen to share her knowledge and experience with others through a variety of mediums. She is the author of two books, Discover Creativity with babies and Discover Creativity with 2-5yr olds, aimed at professionals in early years settings and those looking to start their career in the sector focussing on the development of creativity with children birth-five.