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As the director of Amazelab, Leonie Briggs puts a fun, inspiring and creative take on all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths), providing engaging opportunities for children to understand STEAM subjects, their relevance and accessibility. Leonie was awarded Outstanding New STEM Ambassador at the 2022 STEM Inspiration Awards. 

Alongside her work with Amazelab, Leonie is a science teacher, STEAM lead, STEM ambassador, and CREST ambassador. Leonie has previously been nominated for a variety of other awards for her STEAM/STEM-based work. Leonie started her STEM career working in veterinary practice, going on to work in quality assurance of the veterinary nursing qualification before retraining to become a science teacher. She taught with a specialism in chemistry and worked across primary, secondary and post-16 settings. 

Leonie’s work takes a fun and creative approach to getting children and young people interested in STEAM, with a mission to make it accessible for all.