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Keith Rhodes

Keith Rhodes has worked within a wide range of industries and sectors including education, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. He has a proven track record of developing and implementing effective health and safety management systems, policies, and procedures.

Keith also has experience in coaching and mentoring, as well as a variety of management techniques within education settings, school placement assessments, remediation of HSE enforcement notices, and thought leadership.

Keith established Delibero Limited as a health and safety consultancy in 2017, with services including the provision of web-based management systems, e-learning, risk management, accident prevention, policies and procedures, legal registers, gap analysis, compliance audits and inspections, and advisory assistance and support.

Keith is the author of published articles and blogs covering a variety of risk management and health topics. He teaches a suite of IOSH health and safety courses and is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.