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Kathryn Lord

Kathryn Lord is the award-winning author of “There's More to Books than Reading: how to help your child bring stories to life" (Creative Play Winner, 2019) and Professional Organiser of the Year 2022 – Best Newcomer with the book "More to Organising: how to help your child become more independent and make your life easier".She also won an award for "Exemplary Work in the Nanny Industry" in New York in 2019. Her most recent book “More to Mealtimes: how to help your child learn almost everything through food and make mealtimes easier” also won a Creative Play award in 2023.

With a Masters in Education, she taught in nurseries and schools before becoming a Nanny. Working across the world, she takes her knowledge and experience from the classroom into the home. Kathryn has also taught practitioners in an apprenticeship. She now organises rooms and routines in homes and nursery settings.

Kathryn is a speaker at events such as NannyPalooza, The International NannyTraining Day, The Childcare and Education Expo, The Home Educators Conference and The Clean and Tidy Home Show. She is also available to give workshops at events, parent groups and nursery settings.

She is passionate about supporting parents, practitioners, and nannies in bringing learning to life through books, organising and mealtimes.