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Glenn Denny

With nearly 27 years of experience in the early years sector, Glenn Denny has forged a career within the private day nurseries sector, showcasing a passion for fostering optimal development in young minds. Glenn’s journey began as a practitioner, where he actively engaged in the hands-on care and education of children, allowing him to gain valuable insights into their unique needs and developmental milestones. Through unwavering commitment and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Glenn progressively climbed the career ladder to assume managerial roles, demonstrating leadership insight, and a comprehensive understanding of the operational intricacies of early years settings.

Glenn holds a degree in early childhood studies, and believes that a dedication to continuous learning is essential for an ever-changing sector. Beyond the confines of daily nursery operations, he has contributed to the early years community through writing for Early Years Educator Magazine, sharing insights, best practices, and innovative approaches that he has garnered over the years. In addition, Glenn is proud to be the presenter of ‘Circle time, the early years podcast’ a bi-weekly podcast that serves as a valuable platform for voices within the early years sector. Glenn curates insightful conversations and interviews with professionals, practitioners, and experts, providing a dynamic forum to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and challenges facing the field of early childhood education.

As a seasoned professional in the early years sector, Glenn’s multifaceted experience, from practitioner to manager, combined with academic achievements and contributions to industry publications and conferences, reflects his commitment to the holistic development and wellbeing of young children, as well as the continuous improvement of early years education.