Image of Dr Sarah Moseley

Dr Sarah Moseley

Sarah Moseley is an author, trainer, and educational consultant with over 25 years’ experience within special and mainstream education, specialising in school improvement and raising outcomes for all learners.

Sarah has a research background rooted within the psychology of learning. Her master’s and PhD degrees are both in the area of special education with a focus on the teaching of reading and self-esteem. Sarah published her book, ‘Teaching reading to all learners including those with complex needs’, in 2023 and she writes regular articles for several key industry publications.

Throughout her career, Sarah’s constant has been her belief that everyone can succeed in the right environment with the right support and equal access to opportunities. She aims to bridge the gap between theory and learning, and to create a culture where high expectations thrive, improving outcomes for all. Through the creation of inspirational learning opportunities, she raises expectations and removes barriers for all learners.