Image of Dr Keith Ross

Dr Keith Ross

Dr Keith Ross has 30 years’ experience in teaching science and understanding the language of learning. Prior to being a Teaching Fellow and senior lecturer in Science and Science Education at the University of Gloucestershire, Keith initially studied for his MA and MSc metallurgy degree from St Catherine’s College, Oxford before teaching science as a VSO Teacher in India. A year's MEd Studies at the University of Leicester helped to sort out the influence of language on learning and his research work since then has been in this field.

Keith’s published works are mostly to be found in School Science Review. He is a former chair of the Association of Tutors in Science Education (ATSE) and is an honorary member of the Association for Science Education (ASE). In 2007-8 he spent 7 months with his partner, Ellen, teaching in a Women’s Primary Education College in Pakistan, run by Kashmir Education Foundation.

Keith Ross joined the College of St Paul and St Mary in 1980 and taught a wide variety of programmes, but his main area of teaching has centred on science and science education. He was given a College Teaching Fellowship in 2001 in recognition of an outstanding contribution to excellence in teaching and learning at the College (now the University of Gloucestershire).

Although retired, he regularly gives talks at the annual conference of ASE, something he has been doing almost every year since 1980. Most recently he has been co-creating 4-minute animated science videos with the Fuse School free to students and teachers worldwide.