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Dr Kathryn Murray has over 40 years’ experience in the education sector. She was a classroom teacher for 25 years in schools and early learning centres. She was invited to teach at university level and write education degree courses during her tenured 10 years and she continues to teach preservice teachers online.

She is the CEO and founder of Future Strong Education, a global consultancy based in Australia. Kathryn is the creator of the Brain-SET Environments Formula™ and supports children and educators worldwide to design and develop learning environments that align with the needs of the developing brain. Brain-SET has been widely acknowledged as a revolutionary pedagogy, changing the educational landscape. She provides workshops, professional development sessions, and keynote presentations, coaching online and face to face to support early childhood education. Her mantra is ‘a calm brain is a thinking brain’. 

Kathryn has written and published numerous articles for teachers and parents in magazines and research journals. She is a published author featured in the ‘Change makers’ book for inspiring women and a globally distributed educational book, ‘Early childhood development: universal perspective’ by Global Experts. Kathryn has been awarded Best Early Childhood Mentor (International), Best Early Childhood Innovator (International), and Online Educator of the Year multiple times. She works with teachers, administrators, and organisations internationally, including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Asia, America, Africa, UK and Europe. Kathryn speaks at conferences by invitation locally, nationally, and internationally. 

All of Kathryn’s work is designed to support parents and educators to be all they can be, so that children are given the best possible start in life to enjoy a strong, happy future.