Image of Dr Claire Sutherland

Dr Claire Sutherland

Dr Claire Sutherland is an online safety consultant, educator and researcher who provides online safety information to young people, parents, teachers and external agencies. She has over 11 years’ experience teaching in schools and has carried out research for the Office of eSafety Commission, Australian government comparing internet use and sexting behaviour of young people in the UK, USA and Australia.

Claire has developed and implemented anti-bullying and cyber safety polices for schools in Australia and assisted the implementation of the National eSmart Framework. She has a PhD after focusing her research on the perceptions of cyberbullying of children, parents and teachers and has written numerous academic papers as part of her PhD, presenting at OzChi conference in Sydney.

Claire has experience as a primary school teacher working in Scotland and Australia. She was a school transition co-ordinator, team leader, ICT co-ordinator and wellbeing co-ordinator and wrote a cyber safety column for the school newsletter informing the community of new apps or answering parent concerns.

Claire supports school communities to embrace technology while educating them about the risks and empowering them with practical skills and resilience to deal with negative online experiences.