Image of Deborah Udakis

Deborah Udakis

Deborah Udakis is an early years specialist with over 40 years’ experience in the education sector. She has her own consultancy business, which aims to inspire confidence and deliver results. She has worked as an early years practitioner, held several nursery leader roles, and was a senior manager in local authority regulation and inspection. Deborah spent 16 years working as a specialist early years inspector, leading inspections of primary schools, children’s centres, independent schools, nurseries, childminders, out-of-school settings, and pre-schools. 

Deborah established her own consultancy to help early years leaders become the best that they can be. Over the years, she has developed wonderful trusting relationships with her clients, usually inspirational professionals, who want to make their voices heard and improve the lives of children. 

Deborah is passionate about helping her clients and other early years professionals to provide and develop high-quality play, learning, and care through strong and effective leadership. An essential part of her core ethos and work is helping them to see they are not alone and to feel supported. She acts as a cheerleader and supporter, helping providers and leaders to grow their confidence and, ultimately, achieve their goals.