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Chris Whitney

Chris has been a class teacher and deputy head teacher in a large multi-cultural school in Slough, Berkshire where she led the introduction of the National Literacy Strategy in her own school and across schools in Slough. She was also a National Literacy Strategy consultant.

For thirteen years she was a Literacy Consultant for CfBT Education Services, Lincolnshire, expertise developed through delivering school improvement programmes and bespoke support in East Midlands. She is a national KS2 Writing moderator, has experience at KS1 and 2 moderating reading, and writing, and became an accredited local consultant for school improvement in 2010.

Chris has written a suite of intervention programmes for KS2 in grammar and spelling. Over the last four years, she has supported British schools abroad in the development of the English curriculum. Chris became a British Film Institute (BFI) lead practitioner in 2004. She led a film education programme in Lincolnshire for 7 years and currently coordinates an international film programme for primary children on behalf of the BFI.