Image of Cheryl-Ann Weekes

Cheryl-Ann Weekes

Cheryl-Ann Weekes is the founder of Weekes Enterprise, LLC, which was created as a way to provide workshops for counsellors and educators. The purpose is to equip them with the tools to have mental health, consent, and boundary conversations with their students.

Cheryl-Ann has 26 years’ experience as a counsellor working with the teen population. She is an expert in social emotional counselling, and mental health and university counselling. Cheyl-Ann has worked as a school-based psychotherapist, an Upward Bound Director, and school and university counsellor internationally.

Cheryl-Ann is passionate about the need to normalise going to therapy and discussing mental health awareness with her students, parents, and community. She is committed to having consent conversations with her students as a way to educate them about what it means to give and ask for consent and respect the boundaries set by others.