Image of Cayley Jorgenson

Cayley Jorgenson

Cayley Jorgensen is the Founder of Ingage Support, a mobile app that focuses on mental health awareness, promotion and prevention with the goal of providing mental health resources and solutions to schools and companies around the world. She is also a Registered Counsellor with The Health Professions Council of South Africa, and she runs a private practice offering counselling to children, teenagers and families.

Cayley has published numerous articles on bullying, cyberbullying, mental health, and child sexual abuse. She has worked in the field of mental health and psychology for the past nine years. Throughout this time, she continued to engage in academic research as well as education surrounding her areas of interest such as bullying, mental health in South Africa, trauma, suicide, and sexual abuse.

Cayley combines her passion for public speaking, mental health, and social media to help individuals navigate the technological in which we live. Her main focus is creating awareness and educating the community on the mental health pressures of today’s world, as well as resources and techniques to understand and cope better.