Image of Brendan O'Keeffe

Brendan O'Keeffe

Brendan O’Keeffe is a passionate educator, teacher and lecturer. Having built, deployed and scaled a wide range of curriculums across multiple departments, he is now primarily focused on digital in particular – an area that inevitably impacts vast swathes of other pedagogy and learning more broadly.

Vision2025, his initiative to rebuild computing curriculums with a modern focus, was initially postulated in 2019, but then deployed in earnest during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It featured a revised focus on key ideas, grounded in modern literature and job trends that exemplified the need to improve student’s understanding of robotics, coding and the digital world.

Additionally, in the early part of the pandemic, and throughout the year that followed, Brendan boot-strapped, implemented and stewarded a fully-functioning remote learning system, with complete access to a full timetable for hundreds of students across multiple sites. Whilst teaching remotely and in collaboration with Lego Education, Brendan completed a case study on implementing hands-on learning – an innovative initiative that was welcomed warmly by students, parents, and teachers alike and an experience that he shared at BETT 2022.

Brendan has worked across a wide range of year groups in key pastoral roles, guiding and shaping e-Safety modules, as well as leading on the deployment of new digital pastoral initiatives and therefore has a unique insight into the everyday problems that teachers face on the ground.