Image of Becky Dawson

Becky Dawson

Becky Dawson is a trained coach, educator and facilitator who focuses on raising awareness and offering strategies to support children and young people‚Äôs mental health and wellbeing. She works with young people and those that live and work with them. 

Becky has worked as a trained teacher and experienced facilitator in schools for 20 years, during this time held several pastoral roles including Head of Year, Assistant Head of Year and ultimately a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). The role of SENCo entailed mobilizing a team of staff to ensure the best outcomes for young people with additional needs, with a whole school approach to equity in the classroom, ensuring young people and their views were central to developing the provision. 

She went on to be a central member of the leadership team at HeadStart Newham creating innovative ways to support a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing whilst making this suitable and accessible to groups working with young people across the London borough of Newham.