Image of Angharad Welch

Angharad Welch

Angharad Welch is a highly experienced speech and language therapist focusing on all aspects of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). She runs Find the Key Speech and Language Therapy, which offers practical speech and language therapy services and assessments for primary and secondary school children. 

Angharad especially focuses on supporting SENCOs and educators with SLCN, whether that means a whole school approach to communication needs or specialist support that’s tailored for individual students. As well as working with students from early years to secondary, Angharad has worked in hospitals, family homes, specialist settings and mainstream schools, bringing her proactive approach to communication therapy across a wide range of settings. 

Prior to founding Find the Key, Angharad spent 14 years working in the NHS as a specialist speech and language therapist. Beyond Find the Key, Angharad presents locally and nationally on speech, language and communication needs.